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From inception to opening and everything in between, our restaurant consultants understand the entire scope of the project and the requirements to ensure profitability and maximize unit capability. 

Across all styles and cuisines, providing A-Z assistance from the original idea all the way to the opening of a successful, profitable and turnkey unit leaving nothing to chance.

A well-conceived, professional restaurant business plan is your greatest single asset for turning your restaurant dreams into reality. It's the key to convincing anyone to invest money, make a loan, lease space, essentially do business with you prior to opening.


Your restaurant business plan is also the roadmap for the future of your business. Not only does it provide direction, it requires you to consider all the pitfalls and opportunities of your prospective venture, well before you open the doors. Your business plan is the script of how your restaurant will look and function when it's done. In short, many restaurateurs say that having a sound business plan was the single most important ingredient in making their new business a reality.

Culinary Concepts & Consulting creates business plans that actually get financing and help you operate your business on a day-to-day basis.

So why do so many restaurateurs forsake this critical step, without which many entrepreneurs wouldn't even open a lemonade stand? For one, restaurateurs often want to get the ball rolling quickly. Too many operators put all their planning into simply getting financed. They then want to open the doors as fast as possible to create cash flow.


Unfortunately, some operators don't understand how crucial a well-planned opening is to not only securing the capital to open but also to the success of their concept. Hard work, great food, and the will to succeed are not enough. You need proper training, established operational procedures, and a creative marketing plan, before you open. These may be more important to a successful opening than menu design or table and chair selection.

Where to Start?

From start-up to fixer-up, Culinary Concepts & Consulting has decades of experience creating custom business plans guaranteed to become a roadmap for financing and your success now and in the future.

You can wade through thousands of articles, software programs and books that can be purchased on the Internet or in the business section of your local bookstore/coffee bar. Some of these guides are valuable, although you might have to dig a little to find information created specifically for restaurateurs.

Keep in mind, even with our extensive experience; it takes roughly 45 to 60 days to create a realistic detailed business plan with solid research. You may view a sample of one of our business plans by clicking here.





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