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Make money in restaurants

Your investment in our services is guaranteed provided at a minimum of a 300% return!

Engaging with us is truly risk-free because your investment is guaranteed and tied to tangible results and measurable profit impact. Because we work from a variety of fee structures, you can choose just how much of our expertise you want to apply to your business. 

We start with a detailed conversation on your concerns, issues, problems, successes, and conditions of your business. Then we provide you with a comprehensive proposal that outlines our full understanding of what you need, with the appropriate approach or project plan, scope of services, timeline, and budget so expectations are transparent and the money you invest in our work garners the results you seek. The proposal will include investment in one of three ways: 

1) By the job task

2) Hourly

3)Comprehensive Package (see Restaurant Rescue below)

What is the value of a new client to you?

What about 20 new clients a month? What if they bring friends, then their friends bring friends? I think you get the idea of the profit potential.

How we work-Your detailed roadmap to success

Being choosey isn’t a bad thing – especially when it comes to selecting a restaurant expert. We believe in taking a phased approach that methodically leads down a path of larger development.

As one of the most sought-after experts in the business, we get more than 300 inquiries a year from clients all over the world. We appreciate each and every one of them. But, unfortunately, we can’t work with everybody. To help us figure out if we’re right for you, tell us about yourself, your business and what you’re looking for. Be specific. Many details need to line up for both parties – timing, scope, chemistry, budget, etc. So we request a little more information about a project to help in the mutual screening process.

There is no way that any restaurant owner or manager can be awesome at every aspect of the restaurant business.  It is so easy to overlook things that may be obvious to someone else. One of our most popular services has been our 7 Day Restaurant Rescue – and it isn’t only for restaurants in danger of closing. Our 7 Day Restaurant Rescue consists of one week of restaurant consulting done by our top restaurant consultant over a 7 day time period plus some follow up work after the week is over. This program is customized to best meet your needs and often includes menu-engineering, marketing, overall culture, food cost reduction, labor cost reduction, guest experience and overhead cost reduction.  The 7-day Restaurant Rescue investment is $3,500.

After completing the initial analysis, introductory planning session and an on-site one-week audit, we’ll summarize key findings and recommendations in the core topics we discussed as well as additional considerations we believe are important for you in the development phases ahead in a detailed report (normally 50 pages or more, with a synopsis and easy to follow profit management plan).

The most meaningful value from such a report is netted from our discoveries, those ah-ha! moments, collective ideation, collaboration and combined passions – all aimed tightly on defining and creating your vision for the future. It’s an approach no other restaurant experts take.

Our main goal is to understand where you are, where you want to be and how we can combine our collective resources to get you there. Give us a list of your toughest and most pressing questions – anything that’s keeping you awake at night regarding business challenges and opportunities. Let’s hit the ground running and get to work. We are restaurant experts. This is what we do.

And that’s why a good fit is so important to both of us.

A 300% INVESTMENT – If you implement all the suggested report recommendations for 12 months and your profits haven’t improved by triple the amount paid, your consulting fees will be refunded.  Your investment in our services is guaranteed provided at a minimum of a 300% return!


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