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Culinary Concepts & Consulting Inc. is a consultancy firm that specializes in helping clients like independent and franchise restaurants and retail operations, bakeries, coffee shops, hotels, resorts, education facilities, hospitals, corporate foodservice, foodservice management, bars, theme parks, food commissaries, and institutional food programs build brand identity and customer loyalty, increase profits and sales, and achieve greater success.

Our Ala Carte offerings below are priced independently. For a comprehensive economical approach please see our Investment section.

Culinary Concepts & Consulting offers a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation to any restaurant or foodservice owner. No obligations, and this is NOT a 30 minute sales pitch. This is 30 minutes of FREE help to talk about YOUR business, not ours. Just contact us and set up your time. It’s as easy as that.

Restaurant and Retail Assessment 

Culinary Concepts & Consulting will review your current and planned design, financials, layout and merchandising program. We then meet with your team to discuss the future needs and plans of your operation. We complete a thorough assessment, and will make suggestions for improvement. We identify the operation's internal resources and make recommendations on how to reduce costs and improve operation efficiency. We then identify business growth issues, which could include renovating or opening new operations, and provide the concept and design development ideas to satisfy those needs.

We will also discuss the logistics of merchandising and presentation, eye-catching displays and layouts, cross-merchandising, psychological reactions to color and texture, point-of-sales material and signage, as well as lighting.


Retail and Restaurant Concept Development 

Culinary Concepts & Consulting in conjunction with your team will assist you with your projects from start to finish in developing a strong concept and an appropriate design direction for your foodservice or retail operation. Our restaurant concept development involves touring the facilities, discussing design options, expansion of product line, brainstorming sessions, as well as formalizing a general project plan. Our goal is to match our services to meet your needs, within your pre-established budget.


Retail and Restaurant Customer Service Training 

A well-designed customer service and loyalty marketing program will provide a distinct advantage over the competition, while allowing you to establish a reputation for customer service and attention to detail. Ultimately, by catering to your established customer base, you will substantially increase your bottom line.

A customer service and loyalty marketing program is not a one-shot deal, but should be an ongoing commitment by your organization. Highly successful operators view customer loyalty as an integral part of their operation. Culinary Concepts & Consulting will create a customer service and loyalty marketing, which will integrate all aspects of your organization including operations, training and future development.


Gain new customers, keep old ones coming back 

Culinary Concepts & Consulting will put together a marketing and advertising campaign that will help you gain new customers, keep your regular customers coming back, and increase business and visibility altogether. We will also design programs to train your staff to become highly efficient marketers for your restaurant, foodservice or hospitality operation. They key to profitability in today's highly competitive marketplace lies in a strong promotions, public relations and marketing campaign. A high profile with both the public and the press will lead to increased traffic and higher revenues. Therefore, a well-developed promotions, public relations and marketing plan must be an essential part of your operation.

Operators frequently neglect the many unique and cost-effective methods to market their operations. A creative approach to promotions and marketing would substantially increase your bottom line.


Restaurant Menu Design, Copywriting and Engineering 

There is a science behind how customers read menus, and how you can get your customers to order the menu items that are most profitable to your business. Your menu is your most important sales tool, so a well-designed, well-written and well-branded menu is essential to the success of your operation.

Mouthwatering descriptions for menu items are a must in today's marketplace. Culinary Concepts & Consulting provides menu-writing services that make your menu an effective sales tool. The design of the menu is just as important as the descriptions and Culinary Concepts & Consulting uses effective placement, color and style to make high profit items sell more.

At Culinary Concepts & Consulting, we provide menu copywriting and design services to help you create a menu that will not only draw customers to your operation but make them order more!


Restaurant and Retail Workshops & Seminars

The training seminars introduce a short overview of the visual foodservice-merchandising concept to key executives. This enables you to evaluate how your existing employees can introduce these concepts within your own operations. Key elements include the product selection, presentation, merchandising, packaging, and tips on how employees can use their creativity to help maintain the appearance of the operation.

Employees gain years worth of experience in only days. All of our training materials are based on well-documented research and proven principles of learning. Our focus is on realistic, practical material that you can apply on the job. We concentrate our efforts on the how-to’s in the field.

The seminar will be a complete presentation with visual aids and a hands-on demonstration by Damon Sheppard. Our approach is to do it rather than talk about it.


Food Supply Sourcing – Prime Vendor Program

Culinary Concepts & Consulting researches and sources various suppliers and distributors for individual food supply needs. We ensure that the products chosen best suit your company in terms of quality, cost and services. We will work with your company to reduce both food and labor costs by researching the best food suppliers, recommending and finding the best prices for your foodservice needs and helping you implement a Prime Vendor Program.


Point-of-Purchase Systems and Signage Design

Whether you are in the startup phase or own an existing restaurant and look to upgrade, you'll probably agree that purchasing and putting into effect a point-of-sale (POS) system is one of the most stressful processes for operators to endure. Ever-growing dependency on POS systems to help run our restaurants, not to mention the initial price tag, has entrenched the process as one of the most critical decisions operators have to make.

Selecting the right POS system can literally transform your operation by improving controls, efficiency and even sales volume. Properly chosen and put in place, a POS system can pay for itself in a matter of months. However, choosing the wrong system or vendor can cost you many times over in lost revenue and dissatisfied guests.

With a myriad of choices facing you when selecting a point-of-sale system, you might wonder where to start. We'll help you navigate this sea of technology, including asking the right questions and analyzing your business's requirements when it comes time to purchase or upgrade your system.


Smallwares and Equipment 

Dishes aren't just to eat off anymore. The plates, silverware, bowls, cups and saucers (or mugs) on which you serve your food are part and parcel of the theme of your restaurant. Selecting smallwares is a major process. China used to be just necessary service items with very little variety. Now selecting your dinnerware is a major decision in your design and décor.

Choosing the right fryer can also fatten your profits and we have the dirt on dishwashers

Walk-in coolers and freezers aren't particularly complex pieces of equipment but they do take a lot pounding, which means preventive maintenance, repairs and parts replacements are ongoing concerns. The question then becomes, when is enough enough? How many repairs are too many? And when is the right time to replace a walk-in?

According to the National Restaurant Association's Restaurant Industry Operations Report, most restaurants spend anywhere from just below 1 percent to upward of 2.5 percent of sales annually for repair and maintenance of equipment, building and grounds.

Good restaurant owners and managers don't wait for something to break. Below is a review of daily, weekly and monthly repair and maintenance tasks that you can perform to ensure consistency and profits.

Culinary Concepts & Consulting has the know-how to maximize your equipment and smallwares purchases as well as getting the most profit out of your current non-perishable items.



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