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Building an operational & financial model designed for replication.

Building a prototype with the intention of growth is a very different experience to opening a single restaurant location. With growth, everything is designed around automation and efficiency and the ability to be able to create replicatable concepts that require minimal training but identical results. Growth concepts must focus on creating a model that ensures the same quality of food and customer experience as the prototype and building in systems to prevent deviation or rogue operation. This is in addition to the legal, sales and marketing backbone that must be in place and created, tested and rolled out with unit one.

Our method is to provide tangible returns and increased performance-based results for our food & beverage clients. Assisting in the steps and requirements needed to grow profitably, combined with the systems to build an automated and turnkey product, our clients see positive change.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of highly skilled and credentialed professionals, able to manage the concept from inception to growth with the efficiency and corporate framework to ensure profitability and maximize unit capabilities.   

Many members of the team have experience within the growth sector across a variety of cuisines and ranging from corporate ownership to franchise or licensing. Having filled key positions from operations manager to CFO to CEO, our team brings highly specialized experience to provide value to our clients. 

Our Growth Clients Include:

(1) Clients seeking to expand a business for the first time: 
With an existing and successful prototype already developed or conceptualized and looking to expand 

(2) Clients already in early, hyper or developed expansion: 
Looking to improve on an established system, seek qualified personnel, increase operational efficiency, maintain quality and increase effectiveness  

Industries Served Include:

Fast Food - Quick Serve - Fast Casual - Casual - Fine Dining - Arena/Sports Service - Real Estate Developers - Shopping Centers 

The key to working with new concepts and developing successful restaurant, franchise and hospitality businesses includes:


Operational Systems Review Valuations & Litigation
Feasibility Studies Local Marketing
Market Research Training Programs
Corporate Structure & Reporting                                   Corporate Governance
Strategic Planning Site Selection Templates
Master Planning & Licensing Yield Management


Understanding the technical elements of the concept and the desired demographic being targeted. Examination of all aspects of the concept and a feasibility study to maximize the opportunity and generate the greatest returns. It includes the marketability of the concept and the required factors to create a turnkey operation and best position the concept for success. 

The core components of the concept is the largest undertaking within a growth environment. It includes the menu development, pricing requirements and food service automation on a unit level and the corporate requirements for design criteria, site selection, localization, marketing and training. Above all this are the corporate requirements to manage the product distribution, maintain QoS and ensure continued compliance. 

The development of an economic model deemed viable requires continued modification and scenario analysis to determine impact of changes on unit and corporate profitability. The key to remaining competitive is the ability to be dynamic and modify the service offerings to the consumer. The key to ensuring profitability through change is the use of theoretical analysis and modeling. The key to greater profitability is the implementation of an in store Restaurant Revenue Management Strategy that can utilize sales and volume data to determine potential challenges and under utilization. Yield management applies every element of the operation, from workflow to the consumer and inventory, and its subsequent impact on volume and profitability. 

On a localized level the concept needs to be bundled into a bible that can be replicated and distributed at all sites. This means that all units irrespective of demographics or location with benefit and produce the expected result. The creation of operations, procedure and training manuals ensure consistency and control of the brand and the execution of the concept correctly. The processes each unit undertakes must be standardized and easy to follow. The creation of manuals combined with a well-executed training program mitigates the risk of rogue operators, substandard customer service, national variations or potential legal implications and allows the brand to blossom. 

Whilst the legal requirements to expand are onerous and substantial our process make this experience less cumbersome. In addition, the importance of strong franchisee relations, council development and support systems are a crucial element which can determine success. 

Ensuring maximum profitability requires constant analysis of all the processes, purchasing and operations to implement stronger service standards, quicker product delivery and greater customer transaction value. In depth audit and review of existing systems combined with RRM protocols need to be constantly updated and deployed. From corporate intranets to reporting protocols, e-marketing programs to technology platforms, a strong infrastructure creates a network with all the units and drives success. Maximizing performance with audit and technology provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Georgia Food Businesses


Is your existing business performing well but you know and feel it can be more profitable, do not know where to start and need some professional advice and perhaps strategic and operational support? Is your plan to attract future investment or franchise, but you think your bottom line profit could be more attractive to a potential investor or franchisee?

As part of the Foodservice Physicians Business Health Check (a fee is chargeable) we will review all areas of your business from your current financial situation, your margins and supply chain, wastage, staffing and labour cost, compliance, food quality, service quality, merchandising, marketing, store layout, operational efficiencies etc… this list is by no means exhaustive. Please refer to our full list of services.

We will then issue you with an insightful and helpful report on your business detailing the way in which you might improve its performance, leaving the decision up to you as to whether or not you make the changes yourself or whether you engage us to help transform your business. Our business solutions and advice are based on our findings and are tailor-made for every individual business. 

Services to existing businesses
• Operations support
• HR systems and implementation
• Recruitment assistance
• Staff training
• HR strategy and policy
• Operations manual production
• Product placement and merchandising
• Menu development
• Product manual production
• Health and safety compliance
• Food safety compliance
• Margin improvement
• Supply chain management
• Labour cost improvement
• Marketing Strategy
• Social media marketing

A Georgia Franchisor

We can benefit your existing business or franchise system by offering franchise recruitment services both nationally and internationally through our network of international partners, providing you with local knowledge right at your doorstep.

Franchise Your Business Services:

Franchise Blueprint

Financial Model

Legal Agreements

Franchise Prospectus

Franchise Information Memorandum (FIM)

Franchise Manual

Media Plan

Lead Generation, Qualification and Conversion Strategies

Franchise Negotiation

Unit, cluster and territorial franchisee recruitment

International master, area development and unit franchisee recruitment

Franchise resales

Lead generation and conversion strategies

Franchisee performance evaluation systems

Creation of access to prime real estate opportunities

Market entry studies (selected geographies)


Past Clients

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