Nutritional cooking classes


              Cooking for Adults teaches low-income adults (primarily adults with children) how to prepare and shop sensibly for healthy meals on a limited budget. The program is often paired with Cooking Matters EXTRA for Parents of Preschoolers, an addendum focused specifically on adults with preschool-age children. Cooking Matters for Adults and Cooking Matters EXTRA for Parents of Preschoolers are available in both English and Spanish.

              Cooking for Families teaches school-age children (ages 6 to 12) and their parents about healthy eating as a family and the importance of working together to plan and prepare healthy meals on a budget.

              Cooking for Kids engages kids ages 8 to 12 in learning about healthy eating and provides simple nutritious recipes that children can prepare themselves.

              Cooking for Teens teaches teens how to make healthy food choices, meals and snacks for themselves, their families and friends.

               Cooking for Child Care Professionals teaches child care professionals about healthy meal preparation and creating a healthy food environment for the kids in their care.

Fees: Due to the nature of the classes and our core values pertaining to health, our fees for Culinary Nutrition Classes for at-risk groups are substantially reduced. We only charge $350 per day.


Non-Profits & Trade Organizations:

 On occasion, Damon Sheppard does provide his Culinary Nutrition Classes pro-bono to select non-profit, trade and charitable organizations.  If you believe your event warrants pro-bono services because of its unique mission to improve  a disadvantaged group of individuals, please contact us with more details so that we may consider your request.


Past Clients

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